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Amelia's Meanderings


Amelia Crowley
15 December 1977
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I am me
sometimes I even want to be me
at least its better than any of the alternatives I've seen
So I have a life, a husband, a home, two cats.
I have a terrible fear that by commiting these things to the screen I have somehow endangered them.
I have a brain the size of Uzbekhistan, which I nevertheless do not know how to spell.
I can read, listen to the radio and hold a conversation all at once
I am not uncommonly ugly
I have a quicksilver memory, a good imagination, a great many interests, abilities and qualities
and yet
I have no job,
I cannot walk into town save that I risk becoming lost
I have so little self confidence that I will not even tell my friends about this journal
and even as I write this I know that someone who has nothing better to do will find this and be proud of theirself and smugly email me.
then they will read this and somehow feel that they, personally, have been insulted.

such is life